Links from Julie’s “What I saw at PDC” talk last night

(update: added Expression graphics stuff down below)

Links that I referred to last night in my “what I saw at PDC” VTdotNET presentation

first – Code Camp 4 “Almost Agenda”


Tablet PC on Vista

Tablet PC on WPF (Avalon)

Atlas Website with Hands on Labs and Forums


C# 3.0


Office 12

Channel 9 PDC Show Off – watch for videos to get posted, including the one for the robotic ride!!

Channel 9 has videos of Raymond Chen’s session as well as demos of lots o fthe new technologies

Windows Workflow Foundation

Last but not least, there is now a webcast of the presentation we were hoping to have by Dr. Neil Roodyn on Network Awareness. I did not realize that it was broadcast live just today! (Tuesday)

Expression “family” (Acrylic Graphic Designer, Quartz Web Designer and Sparkle (“Sparkle” – sounds like something from the Barbie Family) Interactive Designer)

If I have forgotten anything, let me know.

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