More awesome .NET jobs in Vermont

It looks like things are really picking up in Vermont!

In addition to the four Burton Snowboards and Evergreen Bank jobs I wrote about a few days ago, there are two great jobs at our local (Burlington area) Gold Partner, Competitive Computing.

The biggest advantage of working at C2 (as we call it) is that you get to work with up & coming SQL guru Roman Rehak (who is also a hell of a fun guy).

One is for a Business Analyst/Application Engineer. If I was looking for work this would be a job I’d be interested in. It combines your business and communications skills with “.Net, web programming using .ASP, JavaScript and HTML. Fluency in SQL and the use of data access components such as ADO and ODBC, scripting skills and a basic understanding of Microsoft DTS“ But a)I’m not looking and b) nobody asked me anyway – but maybe they were assuming “a“.

The second job is not a programming job but, eBUSINESS CONSULTANT. This is more like a classic B.A. position — no coding. However, you still leverage great experience and skills that you have gained from coding.

Here is a direct link to the jobs page. Tell them I sent you!

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