10 Reasons why I am getting excited about DevTeach

I am really looking forward to many aspects of the upcoming DevTeach conference in Montreal.

1) It is a great conference with great content
2) It is a small conference which makes it quite intimate. It has a wonderful community feel. People are not divided up by interest and speakers and attendees are always together.
3) Many people that I think of as friends will be there
4) Because of the spouse program, a lot of people are bringing their spouses or families to enjoy beautiful Montreal. Rich is coming with me Saturday through Monday. I will get to meet the families of my friends and I finally get to introduce Rich to so many of my friends that he has heard about for so long (and show HIM off to them!).
5) Montreal is beautiful
6) Montreal is only about a 2 hour drive from my house
A bunch of people from Vermont.NET are going
8) I get to share my many discoveries in the Whidbey BCL again and try to help people who don’t grok generics quite yet
9) I get to show off all many of the cool things you can do with the tablet pc sdk.
10) I gotta get out of the house once in a while, y’know?

Yup, I am definitely excited about this confernece. Thanks a million to Jean-Rene Roy for making his dream of a community oriented developer conference a reality.

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