Maple Syrup for Bill Gates

So I got back to my hotel room after the meeting and was getting a few things from my backpack and was sorely disappointed to find this:

A bottle of Maple Syrup I had brought with me from Vermont to give to Bill Gates. I had totally forgotten in the excitement of the whole day.

So, I very happily gave it to Tim Harris, from the DPE (Develper Platform Evangelism) team who had coordinated the trip and the day. He was already looking forward to the pancakes he plans to have tomorrow morning.

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2 thoughts on “Maple Syrup for Bill Gates

  1. Hey Julie,That’s a pretty "sappy" gift! Were you trying to "sweeten" up Bill G? It’s probably good that you forgot to give it to him — it could have resulted in getting him into a "sticky" position.:)bill b

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