Still contemplating the end of mainstream VB6 support

This happens on March 31 – a few weeks away.

I’m still thinking about how this affects me and trying to keep in mind how it will affect many companies still on VB6. Remember, that not all support is going away. We still have a chunk of it for 3 years.

Although all of my development since spring 2002 is in .NET, I do have 2 big VB6 legacy applications for two separate clients that I have no intention of porting to .NET. Client A has a ton of new stuff in .NET but the VB6 app is at the center of their core day to day operations. Client B only has their VB6 app, nothing new. But they use it also in their day to day operations. Both clients could not function without these applications. Client A’s VB6 app has minor mods made to it every once in a while. Client B’s app has been static for a long long time. I have never needed to go beyond google, msdn online or the newsgroups to do any troubleshooting for the VB6 applications.

For both clients, financially there is just NO reason to port the applications. Client A’s app is huge and would cost a fortune (this is relative of course to the size of the company). CLient B is a small company and it would be awful for them to have to port the application over. Sure they could be better, but they are very good and run their businesses and there really is no justification.

I have actually emailed some software companies that I know that are still dependent on VB6 to see how this affects them. And I even emailed the entire VTdotNET member list to get their comments as well.

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