Auxiliary Displays on laptops and PCs

Markus Egger writes about something that we had a fantastic talk about this summer at the TabletPC DevLabauxiliary displays. We had a brainstorming session on “what would make a perfect mobile device?” Getting access to some key information without having to boot up the whole darned laptop was one of them – and this is just the solution we talked about. The other, of course, is to enable this same machine to act as a cell phone also. It has wireless, can easily have gps, has all of your phone numbers in it. Leave it closed, leave it off even (though we have the auxiliary power and display to help us)! But plug in a headset and using voice commands dial up someone in your outlook contacts. No this is not supposed to be the replacement for a phone. But just one more feature to make the laptop be the perfect mobile device!

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