Off to Vancouver for DevTeach in a few days

This will be DevTeach’s first non-Montreal based conference. I’ve never been to Vancouver and am looking forward to seeing it.

As always prior to a multi-day trip, I have a little trepidation.

We’re just getting beautiful snow and I want to ski. My parents (who live 5 hours away in the Binghamton NY area) just had a litter of 17 puppies and could sure use my help. And as always, it’s hard to leave Tasha and Daisy who’s days are quite numbered.

I also believe this is the first conference I’ve attended where summer clothes won’t suffice. I hate having to pack a bag that I can’t carry on, but it might make my life a little easier. But it’s not cold enough for snow at least so I don’t have to bring *that* much.

Here’s the DevTeach website…

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