SEVENTEEN Newfoundland Puppies!

Possibly a record… my parents Newfoundland, Elsa, had 17 puppies on Thanskgiving day. My folks are breeders. They actually have 2 more littlers coming which when all added up could double this number. The pictures of the babies are already on their website . They are cute as cute can be. Newfie puppies weigh about 1 lb each when born and then they just grow and grow and grow!

Blue Heaven Newfoundlands

A little family tree:

The puppies’ mother is Elsa and father is Solomon.

Elsa’s father is Theo. Solomon’s mother is Theo’s sister, Celeste. (So they are cousins, not siblings…this is not scary in the dog world, like it would be in the human world!)

Theo and Celeste came from France, but their mother, Rudy, was a puppy bred by my parents and her father is Packard.

And Packard is the son of my Daisy!

So these puppies are Daisy’s great, great, great grand-puppies! 🙂

Daisy, by the way, will be 13 years old in January. But Tasha’s not impressed, as she will be 14 in two weeks. 13 and 14 are both amazing ages for newfies.

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