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My folks got two new puppies from France this summer, Celeste and Theo. They are actually 2nd generation puppies from their own kennel. Their mother, Rudy, who lives in France, is  a Blue Heaven doggie. Celeste and Theo are now 9 months old. Theo was with my mother and another one of her dogs, Bumper (2 yrs old) in Saratoga 2 weekends ago for a dog show. Rich and I went down. I haven’t seen Theo since he was about 3 months. I am in love but I can’t have him. He is very big already for his age (140 lbs) but incredibly balanced which is highly unusual. Here are some pictures of Theo and two with Bumper in my mom’s hotel room. I love these and they are fun to look at so I hope they brighten up someone’s day. Lots more pics here.


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