more doggie pics – Tasha’s Day of Beauty

After Rich and I returned from a dog show (where I took these pics of Theo), I looked at our poor 10 year old Newfie, Tasha and realized she looked like a bear. So she got a day of beauty. First we gave her a big haircut (okay, a hack job). Her hair was probably 6 or 7 inches long!!

Here she is standing in front of the cupboard where her cookies are after the first part of her torture. This is SHORT hair!

The best part of the day for her was the ride in the car to the place where we can give her a bath.  She LOVES to go in the car.

Then there was the bath.




Lucky for us, we don’t have to clean up the mess!

She’s such a good girl! Afterwards, it took most of the day and night for her to dry off enough to comb her out. Now she’s all beautiful again and smells good too!

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