Cycling again

Well, we put the skiis away and then I went out for a wonderful ride. Even when it started raining – it didn’t matter. I was already in my groove and just going with the flow. Over the course of the winter, my passion for skiing always seems to make me forget that I love to ride more than anything. Hmmm, I’ll say that about paddling my kayak, too, when the water warms up. Avonelle and her hubby are big cyclers also and she just got a new recumbant. I’m trying to talk myself into justifying a new bike purchase. Mine’s 10 yrs old and has already been rebuilt once. I have been dreaming for about 6 years of getting a Colnago frame. I love the beautiful Italian steel framed bikes with their beautiful lugs which can only of course, be complemented with some perfect Italian components. But now they are all carbon fibre- well, I guess I’ll just have to settle. Heh. Ahh, to dream…. My first real bike was a Bottecchia. I had it for 6 years and it was stolen. I bought it in 1985 and it cost me almost 10% of my annual salary back then. Even though I wasn’t a great cycler (though absolutely devoted) many of the racers in NYC would ride a few laps with me in the park just to check out my bike! 🙂  God, I loved that bike. The frame was SO beautiful – all bright red and white. I actually saw someone riding that same frame when I was on a week long tour riding in the Colorado rockies with my homies (check ’97 & ’99 – omg, seeing those pictures of when I was in great shape, definitely inspires me to lose weight – egads!) five years ago. I was still SO drawn to it. The bike I have now I have zero passion for like this.

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