practical .net tidbits on Dave Burke’s blog

I love Dave Burke’s blog because he is always talking about really practical stuff – “I had this problem and here is how I solved it“ kind of posts. I’ve gotten so that I can always pick his posts out of the whole (non-ms) feed from just by his titles. I say “that’s gotta be a D.B. post” and 9 times out of 10 I’m right. His recent foray into code generation is a great read for anyone who has been thinking about it, but too timid (or busy or whatever) to try it out. I have also managed to pick out his “coding for charity” posts as his also. My first real intro to Dave was when he showed us, at our very 2nd VTdotNET meeting, how he had figured out to share session state between classic ASP and ASP.NET. This was in March 2002 and Dave had been using his church’s website as his playground for learning .NET. I had not even installed VS.NET on my computer yet!! Definitely an early adopter.

This also makes me realize, even though I have been coding, that none of my recent posts have been technical. I guess I’m kinda funny that way.

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