Double Vision

Sitting in front of a computer all day and all night has it’s downsides, not just on your social life, but after years and years and years, it can (along with age, of course) wreak havoc on your vision. I’ve always had 20/20 and not needed glasses. I finally got some glasses for the computer a few years ago and haven’t used them a lot because they give me headaches after a full day. But now I suddenly can’t even read road signs any more until I’m about 5 feet away. Afte months of complaining about this latest threshold and thinking minor adjustments to my environment will correct the effects of strain on my eyes (with my husband laughing at my denial as I near the age of 45 (6 more months – eeek!) I finally went back to the opthamologist today.

And the results are that my vision is still 20-20. So why can’t I read any more? Why is the world a blur? Apparently, the optical profession is discovering that this meaurement and stigmatism are NOT the only two factors that effect our eyesight. And although I have no stigmatism and my eyesight is 20-20, I can still be having bad problems with my eyes. There are depth perception issues and even some double vision. So we’ll try a few new prescriptions (yes I am talking BIFOCALS – well, transitional lenses)and I have to be more consistent in using them and I get to also have a pair plain old reading glasses at my bedside for reading at night. In that case, the magnification is really the only help I’ll need.

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