Help Protect the Western Arctic Reserve

Rather than subject you to the “important message from Robert Redford“ (ooh aah) that was forwarded to me today, the gist of the message is that you can go to this website ( and easily send an email to the Bureau of Land Management to tell them how you feel about oil drilling in the Western Arctic Reserve of Alaska.

Here are just some key parts:

…sacrifice one of America’s greatest natural  treasures — the Western Arctic Reserve of Alaska — to massive oil development.

Over the next 30 days, the Bush administration is taking public comments on its plan to put 96 percent of the reserve’s wildlife-filled northeast region on the auction block.

 join me in flooding the Bush administration with messages of protest over the next critical weeks.

Please do your part by going to
and sending an electronic message telling the Bureau of Land Management to
withdraw its destructive plan and to permanently protect the reserve’s world-
class wildlife habitats.

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