My little chat with Microsoft Speech Server

her ”Who would you like to talk to?”

me “Arin Goldberg

her “Did you say Erin Goldfitter”

me “No”

her “okay. Can you say the name again?”

me “Arin Goldberg”

her “Thank you. I found someone named Aaron Goldstein, is that correct?”

me “No”

her “hmmm. Let’s try again. Who are you trying to reach?”

me “A-rin Gold-berg”

her “hmmm. I can’t find anyone by that name. What is the person’s email address?”

me “aring”

her “oh, are you looking for Arin Goldberg?”

me “yes”

her “just one minute, I’ll connect you”.

So this sounds really obnoxious, but it wasn’t actually. I was being helped by Microsoft speech server. I loved how the program kept rephrasing the question so that it sounded like I was REALLY talking to a real person who cared. Neat. I really have to learn to ennunciate better, though, I guess. (It’s not exactly the conversation, but how I best recollect it)

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