Powder day schmowder day

Yesterday I proclaimed that today would be a powder day – regardless of how much work I have to do. We had a forecast of 7-12 inches of new snow.

The promised snow started before we went to bed last night.

But when I woke up in the middle of the night to a howling wind and then again this morning to the same, I knew it would be another productive day in front of the computer. It’s wild out there. Rich is still heading out to the ski hill. He’s insane. I certainly wouldn’t want to be sitting in the chair lift in this weather.

It’s what he refers to as a “character building day.” That’s an old joke from when he worked for a builder that, even in the winter, had his crew arrive at 6am and work until 4pm. Even when it was 5 degrees out and all then ended up doing was shoveling snow out of the foundation. I’d last about five minutes in a job like that. Give me my cozy office chair any day! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Powder day schmowder day

  1. Checked the web cam this afternoon, it looked like the single wasn’t running…All that fresh snow tomorrow….

  2. yeah tomorrow! I have a weekday pass. Rich said it wasn’t bad except the sleet hurt his face a little for a spell. Crazy boy.

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