Ooh goody another post on the adonet team blog

The ADO NET Team has been cranking out fab content on their blog. Brian Dawson just wrote a post all about Object Services.

In trying to sort out all of the options that we now have with Entity Framework and LINQ, I’m always happy to see a list like this. But go read the whole post so nothing is out of context

What can you do with Object Services?

Here’s a bullet list of some of the normal operations which object services can provide:

·         Query using LINQ or Entity SQL

·         CRUD

·         State Management – change tracking with events

·         Lazy loading

·         Inheritance

·         Navigating relationships

More features of Object Services allow for data conflicts resolution. For example, Object Services supports:

·         Optimistic concurrency

·         Identity resolution –  keeping on copy of the object even from several different queries

·         Merging

·         Refreshing data with overwrite options (ie: server wins or client wins)

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