Updated Silverlight Annotation Samples for 1.0 Release Candidate

I have updated two of my demo Silverlight apps which broke with the RC version of Silverlight that came out last week.

The little embedded drawing surface at the top of this blog has been fixed along with my more full blown annoation application.

All of the changes I made were listed in the “What Changed Between Beta and RC” topic in the Help file that comes with the SDK. The one that had me confused for a while was switching the “\” to “/” in the xaml where I had images in subfolders etc. It confused me because I somehow skipped over it in the list and the error that it threw the error “2210: AG_E_INVALID_ARGUMENT” which didn’t tell me too much.

You can read more about updating your Silverlight apps to work with the Release Candidate version here.

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One thought on “Updated Silverlight Annotation Samples for 1.0 Release Candidate

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