can’t hide that javascript

About 1 1/2 years ago, I wrote an ASP.NET Timesheet application for a client of mine. One of the things that I had a murderous time doing was making  start and end time text boxes that validated against each (on the client side) other checking for all kinds of things and including even a checkbox to indicate “overnight”. This was my first time doing any serious javascript so you can imagine how much effort it took. I encapsulated the code into a .js file and call it from three separate pages. Knowing that nobody can ever hide .js, I  added this comment at the top of the file this evening (just for fun):

//written by Julia Lerman
//this was my first time doing javascript, not bad, eh?
//if you are, ahem, “borrowing” this code, you might be better off
//spending $50 and buying a MUCH better solution by which
//I wish I had known about before I killed myself writing this

Of course that $50 is for this and many many other wonderful controls. I don’t always “roll my own”, but I was determined and also I learned a TON.

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