chasing away a cold

I don’t get sick often – working at home, no kids, minimal exposure to other people’s kids, etc. But wouldntcha know it – just days before I have to travel across the country, I’m getting a runny nose and sore throat. Looks like a good reason to drive into town today – to get all the stuff I need to kill this thing and beef up my immunity for being in an airport and a plane. (Do I sound like Rory?). I’m even avoiding coffee (caffeine wipes out your vitamin C) which means already having drunk almost 2 pots (small – but I gotta go pee soon) of green tea. I [think I] know exactly where this came from. Some small kid stood next to me and coughed and coughed the other day at Mad River when I was changing out of my ski boots. I looked over at his mother to see if she had ANY clue and was going to call her kid back over to cough on her instead. I tried not to glare, though. I love love love kids, but have actually been accused of literally being allergic to them as I used to get a runny nose within 5 minutes of entering the 1st grade classroom where I went to help the kids with their reading skills. (was that a run-on sentence?) “Mrs. Flynn,” they would ask (I had to be Mrs. somebody, so figuring I’m married to Mr. Flynn, I chose Mrs. Flynn), “are you allergic to us?”

(Why do I want to sign this post “Halley”? I guess it’s a little more intimate than I’m used to…)

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