Cause of some “un-debuggable” errors in 3rd party components

I encountered an error when working with an Infragistics UltraWinGrid that I could not trap or debug. It was in using a dropdown in a cell, and the exception raised told me it could not update an invalid row. I spent over an hour trying to trap the error at its source so that I could fix it but was unable to.

Finally I discovered that this was actually an exception that is handled internally by the component, but because I had my debug Exceptions settings set to “break into the debugger” (for all exceptions) when an exception is thrown. When I set this back to “Continue”, I did not receive this error anymore.

I just spoke with someone who had the exact same problem (with the drop down in an Infra WInGrid). She too, had the exceptions turned to “break into the debugger” which was preventing the component from handling its error. As soon as she set this off, the exception disappeared.

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