DevDays and the last ski day at Mad River Glen??

I went today to Mad River for the last hurrah. It was just like one of those great spring days in college where you just have to cut class and go play frisbee and drink beer (back in the old days when the drinking age was 18) on the college green. A day of sheer sun, joy and new found freedom after a long, long winter. And slushy snow and lots of bare spots. Nevertheless, the parking lot was completely filled, there was a long line on the single and the deck was jam packed with happy people enjoying the 50 degree weather and the sun.

I took one last glorious run for the season then hung out on the deck eating a burger. I was in disguise – braids and a bandana – good little hippie tele chick gear.

After a few minutes one of the guys sitting near me says, “Excuse me, but did you give a talk on .NET at DevDays in Hartford?”

LOL! What a funny small world. This is Vermont, I’m 7 miles from my house and 4 hours from Hartford.

Brian comes up to Vermont a lot to ski and wants to move here. He’s got 2 years of C# development under his belt so I will definitely be helping him to connect to try to find a job. But what a funny thing. I like to think that I lead a double life and outside of a few connections (user group member Charlie Bates is a local, a ski patroller at MRG and a phenomenal skiier, Boston.NET user group leader and friend Chris Pels has strong ties to MRG and we brought Chris Kinsman there last winter…), I’m just Julie the ski bum when I go there. To top it off, Brian is also a fellow pin-head!!

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