Vermont’s Swimming Holes – not always just pleasure

There are a lot of wonderful swimming holes in Vermont thanks to the Green Mountain range and lots of creeks and streams running down from them. Some of these swimming holes, are just gentle tubs along a stream. Others are in gorges. There is a popular spot called Huntington Gorge where many people have died over the years. They get caught in water that, due to the topography of the gorge, can be like a turbine. There is another extremely popular spot called the Bolton potholes which is not so notorious. I lived up the road from them when I first moved to Vermont. On Saturday, a young man who would have turned 20 on Sunday, drowned in the Bolton Potholes. He jumped in to a spot and due to the heavy rains which creates strong currents coming down the moutains, got held under the water. It took 60 rescue workers and 2 days to retrieve his body. I don’t know this kid or his family. I just read about it in the local paper. But it is just too heartbreaking, even with all of the horrors going on in the wider world around us. It’s much more personal.

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