Pictures from VTdotNET VS2010 Launch

Vermont.NET’s April meeting coincided with the Visual Studio 2010 launch so we had our own launch event!

With cake…


It was our biggest meeting attendance ever with 60 signed up and 56 signed in at the door.

Four people presented…”some of our favorite things about VS2010 and .NET 4.0”. The presenters were Victor Castro, Eric Hall, Rob Hale and myself.



Instead of the usual pizza, we had a feast of sandwiches, rollups, chips and veggies & dip, all very generously provided by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Not just paid for but ordered, picked up and delivered by our favorite GMCR gal, Marlena Farnham. This was one of the things that made the meeting special.




Eric Hall got the primo slice of cake!


I started the Vermont.NET group in February of 2002. We’ve been meeting monthly for over 8 years. That’s nearly 100 meetings. And I have to say this was the best one ever!  I just love the Vermont.NET community.

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3 thoughts on “Pictures from VTdotNET VS2010 Launch

  1. Someone mentioend that at the meeting and I asked if they new about the "kill comic sans" website (must have been you that pointed me to it). I used it because it helped make those words stand out. 🙂

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