Some post-VS2010 Launch Resources

Here are some useful links related to the Vermont .NET VS2010 launch meeting on Monday night with our RECORD Breaking attendance! 🙂

MSDN Visual Studio Developer Center:

VS2010 Comparison of various SKUs:

VS2010 Trial Downloads:

Great links from MicrosoftFeed.Com

Moving to Visual Studio 2010 e-book from Microsoft:

What’s new in VS2010 Video (thanks Paul Harriman for this link)

What’s new in .NET 4 (MSDN Docs):

What’s new in VS2010 (languages, IDE, Editor, etc) (MSDN Docs)

Visual Studio 2010 Launch Keynote and other cool stuff from the launch:

Note that if you watch the keynote video, the first 1/2 is interviews and more, but there’s a marker pointing to where the keynote starts.keynote

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