VS2010 Trial and MSDN Subscribers – Trial Conversion Keys Now Available

If you downloaded the VS2010 Trial and need to unlock it with your MSDN key, you’ve probably been scratching your head the past few days because the VS2010 downloads on MSDN are “prepidded” (PID is Product ID). The keys are built in. The solution was to download the MSDN version and start up the install which would then apply the key to the already installed trial. Well, many of us know that MSDN has been a little slow and then completely crapping out since VS2010 was released on Monday. And if you’re like me,  living in the boonies with slow internet, even on a good day it’s at least 3 or 4 hours to download a 2.5GB file.

Suffer no more! 🙂 Okay maybe it’s not suffering but…

Microsoft has now provided “Trial Conversion Keys” for MSDN Subscribers.

Just go back to the MSDN subscriber downloads and request the key and you’ll see the new Trial Conversion Key and just apply that to your trial. Done.

I’m sure this meant a few long nerve-wracked nights for MSDN folks since it seems this was done in response to a lot of whining. So hats off to them.

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