Stephen Forte visits IDEP Foundation – Recipient of our post-tsunami .NET Charity Auction

Earlier this week I got an email from Stephen Forte saying he was in Bali and would love to meet the folks from IDEP Foundation. IDEP is an Indonesian NGO for which Stephen and I coordinated a charity auction 5 years ago and raised $10,000. We raised another chunk of money in a repeat auction in June of that year as well.

I sent an email to my dear friend Petra, a Canadian ex-pat, who runs IDEP. I met Petra through Keith Pleas who had connections to IDEP and was looking for help for them after the tsunami hit. Petra is in Ubud. Turns out that Stephen was in Ubud, not Bali. Perfect. So they met (I was so happy and also a little envious…but I’ll get their someday.)

Stephen has written a wonderful blog post on his visit with Petra and the continuing amazing work that IDEP does. He says, “I can report back to the .NET community and all of those who donated that our contribution made a difference.”

.NET Charity Auction Follow-up 5 years later

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