Rough Cuts version of Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition: Ch 2-22

rc_lrgUpdate August 14, 2010: The Rough Cuts program is over and the book is now out in Digital Format. You can purchase the digital version directly from OReilly at The print version should be shipping by August 20th. You can also purchase that through O’Reilly, Amazon or elsewhere.

In December, the first 5 chapters of the rough draft of Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition (for EF4 & VS2010) were published to Safari Rough Cuts. There are now 20 chapters online there. There is no Chapter 1 yet and Chapter 4 is going to be split into 4 and 5. You’ll find that to make up for this split, there is no chapter 17 since 5 will become 6, 6 becomes 7, etc. Beginning with Chapter 18, the numbering is correct.

Just remember this is the *rough draft*. I have a number of amazing people providing feedback that will get incorporated and it still has to go through the copy edit phase as well. But even as a rough draft, it should be pretty good. 😉

Here is the url:

Note: the day after I posted this, Safari accidentally sent an email to Safari subscribers saying that the book is now in print. That was what we call a SNAFU. Not in print yet. Still a few more months.

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9 thoughts on “Rough Cuts version of Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition: Ch 2-22

  1. Hi Julie,

    We’re programming our application using Entity Frameworks and VS2010. Would like to talk to you about some architectural details; I’ll drop you an email as well. Thanks for the draft – we’ll give you some feedback (we’re working w/ a copy of your earlier version). See you next week.

  2. Hi Julie,

    The rough cuts were on Safari this morning but there is something wrong with it now. Only table of contents are readable. Please check it out and see what’s wrong.

  3. Hey Julie,

    I attempted to purchase the rough cut pdf this morning and got an error on when clicking the "Confirm Rough Cut Purchase". The error said (Internal Error) This is not a rough cut title. Is there some other means I can purchase the rough cut pdf? I’d really like to get my hands on it.

  4. Thanks Jason. I did forward your previous comment to my editor. Between that and your direct contact to Safari we should learn something. Definitely some strange events around this rough cust version today. I heard that subscribers got an email that the book is now in print (one day after Rough Cuts released!) Sorry to say that no, the book is not quite in print yet. 🙂

  5. Hi again Julie.

    I was able to d/l a readable version of the PDF from safari on the day you posted this blog.

    Anyway, I also received an e-mail from safari that day stating that the book has been "published to print". I’m not exactly sure what that process entails but it might be of interest to you since you mentioned above that you’ve still got some editing to do.

    BTW, "pretty good" doesn’t do the content justice even if it is only a rough cut. 🙂

  6. ha – yes that email was a big surprise to me too, as I’m still working on it. No clue why it was sent. I added a note to the blog post.

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