6 little words that made my day even better than before!

Those 6 little words were “I have a blog now, too” from Cathi Gero.

So let me review. In less than 3 months some of the top women developers in our industry have started weblogs.

Prior to this recent rush, Susan Warren started a blog in November (right after PDC.)

Then spring comes with a flood of new blogs:

First Kate Gregory gets a blog.

Then Kathleen Dollard buckles and blogs.

Then Michele Leroux Bustamente starts up dasBlonde.

Earlier this week Kimberly Tripp amazed us with her new SQL blog.

And now Cathi Gero is blogging too.

For those of you who do not know Cathi, she is a serious pro with a lot of experience. Here is her bio, ripped from the DevTeach speaker page.

Cathi Gero, C.P.A., is founder and development director of Prenia Corporation, providing custom software applications, training, and architectural designing to businesses and developers. Cathi is a Microsoft C# MVP and is an active member of the .NET community. She has extensive experience developing applications using the .NET Framework, Visual FoxPro, SQL Server, and Crystal Reports as well as other technologies. She is a speaker at national conferences, author of white papers for Microsoft, and technical editor for the book ‘.NET For VFP Developers’. She also has a monthly column, “Cathi Gero’s .NET Tips” which appears in Universal Thread Magazine. Most of the year Cathi travels to various companies providing onsite training, mentoring, and development experience.

<me>grinning from ear to ear</me>

Hmmm, who’re we gonna work on next…?

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