Has Deborah Kurata influenced *your* programming career?

If you answered “yes“, you are not alone. When I made the leap from FoxPro to VB5 (well really VB4, about one month before 5 came out), I did not change my programming style very much with my first application. Kind of like coding in .NET as though it is VB6. Then I discovered Deborah’s columns in VB Magazine and her books and realized I was barely using Visual Basic. I read her book “Doing Objects in VB5“ and took a hands on class with her (just as VB6 was released) and it completely changed my outlook on software development and architecting applications rather than just building big piles of rubber bands and band-aids. I have talked to many developers who have said similar things about Deborah’s books and articles and presentations. Even today, I found a comment by someone who admits to having been a former Deborah Kurata groupie. If you know this guy at all, I think you may be in for a little surprise!

Deborah is finishing up a new book. I have seen a few of the chapters and this will definitely be another gem!

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