congrats to Casey on getting MCSD

Casey Chesnut just got his MCSD

so now i’m an MCSD .NET. i’ve never been certified before … and i used to make fun of people with certifications (so you can make fun of me now).

by studying for the tests, i learned a few esoteric things, but nothing that i will probably ever use in my day to day work. it did make me learn some things that i would never look at on my own, so it is good to have a better understanding of those concepts, although i will promptly clear most of that info from my short term memory.

This is exactly one of the issues I have always had when I have considered prepping for certs. I actually took and passed 3 tests this spring, but my prep time was  – 0 hours for windows forms, 1 hour for web forms and 1 day for security. If I wanted to take the webservices test, I’m pretty okay with the web services stuff, but I’ve heard that there is a LOT of remoting on there. I have never done remoting and have no need to in the future. Why on earth would I want to study and learn remoting *just* to take the test. So I basically stopped one test short getting an official cert (more than MCP).

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