Heading to San Francisco for the ESDC Conference and the East Bay .NET User Group

Tomorrow I am planning to do something that has caused my husband to laugh uncontrollably. I’m going to get out of bed at 4am. Yes it’s true! That’s because I have a 6:30am flight that will take me first to O’Hare airport and then to San Francisco.

Why am I leaving beautiful Vermont just when the lovely ski-able snow  has returned?

Ill be attending and speaking at the Enterprise Software Development Conference March 1-3 in San Mateo and then co-presenting at the East Bay .NET User Group with my friend (and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, only because I haven’t met her two progeny who she says are smarter), Kathleen Dollard. Kathleen is presenting at ESDC as well.

ESDC is focused on agile development and I’ll be doing one talk on Agile Entity Framework 4 and a talk on using Entity Framework 4 with WCF. Kathleen will be presenting talks on the new Managed Extensibility Framework, aka MEF.

At the user group meeting, I’ll spend the pre-pizza half hour of the meeting showing off some fo the new features in the Entity Data Model designer in Visual Studio 2010. After the pizza, I’ll do an abbreviated version of the Agile EF4 focusing on a first look at the POCO support in EF and then Kathleen will be doing an intro talk on MEF.

It seems that the weather in SF is not much better than Vermont. It’s in the 40’s and 50’s, overcast and rainy. SO much for pretending that this is a vacation to sunny California. The tsunami warning should have passed by the time we arrive.

I”m looking forward to the conference as I’ll get a chance to meet some software legends like Kent Beck (maybe), see friends I haven’t seen in a while and finally return Kathleen’s Sigg bottle that she left behind at DevTeach in Vancouver last June and someone gave it to me because I live so close (vermont…colorado?). I actually spent a lot of time in November with Kathleen at another conference but had forgotten the bottle. It’s now on my kitchen counter waiting to go in my bag. I plan to fill that space on the way home with some Mrs. See’s chocolates. 🙂

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