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Come Join Me Online Next Week!

I’ve got a pile of live on-line engagements next week and it will be fun if you can come join any of them.

EF Core Community Standup, 
March 10, 1pm EST

First up is an AMA (Ask Me Anything) style Q&A with the EF Core team and me .All of the past standups from the team (and guests) are on  YouTube. Here’s the link to the collection: I believe the team will set up the “stage” for the upcoming standup at the top of that list, but you can always watch past ones and learn so much. 

Docker Community All Hands , March 11 11am EST

First hour will be company and product updates.
Second hour will be a collection of demos, workshops and lightning talks on various channels. I expect to be doing a lightning talk on Docker tooling in Visual Studio and another one on the VS Code Docker extension. Details here

The 425 Show, March 12 , 11am EST

This is a live show focused on Azure Active Directory, a topic I know nothing about! However, the hosts, Christos Matkas and John Patrick Davidson are experts. Together we are going to secure the data access for a web app that I’ve built using EF Core. Should be fun! Here’s the YouTube channel where you can connect

November Conferences: BuildStuff in Lithuania and GOTO in Copenhagen

I have one last conference trip coming up in 2019 which is a two-fer.

First, I’ll be at BuildStuff in Vilnius Lithuania Nov 13-17. I’m excited to be giving a keynote, “Living with Your Legacy”. If you are planning to attend but haven’t registered yet, you can use my last name “LERMAN” as a discount code. Register here. Twitter hashtag is #BUILDSTUFFLT.

From Lithuania, I’ll then be traveling to Copenhagen for GOTO Copenhagen. (Nov 18-20). This conference also has a discount code, “speakerfriend”. The twitter hashtag for this conference is #gotocph.


Resources from BASTA! “Living with Your Legacy” Keynote

I made reference to various books, podcasts, great minds and more in the keynote at BASTA! Conference. Here are links for the curious:

Michael Feathers‘ Book “Working Effectively with Legacy Code”, Prentice Hall, 2004

Eric Evans‘ book, Domain-Driven Design, Addison-Wesley, 2003

Michael Feathers’ blog post Is Technical Debt Just a Metaphor?

Legacy Code Rocks podcast

Corgi Bytes (Andrea Goulet & M. Scott Ford)

Nick Tune DDD Hidden Lessons talk from Craft Conference

Accelerate, The Science of Devops: 2018 book, 2019 update (free PDF from Google) . Nicole Ferguson, PhD Jez HumbleGene Kim

Grady Booch on Cobol at 60






Announcing: Deep Dive into EF Core 2-Day Workshop

Join me in London June 17-18 for a 2-day deep dive into Entity Framework Core.

This is a new addition to Skills Matter course catalog. Because it is a new course, we are looking to get feedback on the proposed list of topics to be covered. If you are interested in attending, your input will be helpful.

Is the list of topics too long for 2 days? Does it touch on what you would want to learn in an advanced class? You can provide feedback on the course description page.

Day 1: Leverage Advanced Features

  • High level review of EF Core differences from EF6
  • Implementing logging to capture EF Core’s database and in-memory activity. Learn about different types of logging data to be captured
  • Learn various approaches to seeding such as via database scripts, code or using the migration-based seeding introduced in EF Core 2.1. You’ll also learn when each approach may be appropriate
  • Using migrations during development,within source control and during deployments
  • Integration testing your EF Core code

Day 2: EF Core in Your Software Architecture

  • The Great Repository Debate: Pros and Cons of the Repository Pattern/Generic Repositories for exposing EF Core
  • Designing Data Layers/APIs
  • Understanding complicated mapping conventions and supplementing those with custom mappings using the Fluent API
  • Designing for performance
  • *Bonus topic* If all modules have been covered, you will also look at EF Core in Azure Functions and EF Core with Azure Cosmos DB (given adequate time)

Domain-Driven Design Europe 2018 in Amsterdam

I’m excited to be attending and speaking at DDD Europe 2018 in Amsterdam on Feb 1-2 2018. It’s an honor to be on the speaker roster with so many DDD gurus and other people with amazing DDD experiences stories to share.

The lowest early-bird ticket prices can still be bought through Nov 30 at €599 (+21% VAT =  €724 (app. ~$860US +). The ticket will go to €699 (+VAT) from Dec 1-Dec31 and then to €749 (+VAT) until the conference.

Prior to the conference,  there are also 10 amazing workshops ranging from 1/2 day to 2 days across January 30 – 31st.

I’ll be doing a 2  hour workshop during the conference proper on using EF Core 2 to map DDD patterns in your domain. It will be a hands-on workshop and my intention is to build some koans for attendees to work with. Although the flavor of hands-on may shift as I continue to percolate ideas.

Watch my Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals course on Pluralsight

Travel & Conference Schedule Feb – May

I didn’t travel much last year so am making up for it this spring and summer. Here is where I will be and what I’ll be talking about in the near future.

Feb 15 Vermont.NET User Group/VTCoders
(My home base!)
Aurelia & Node.js: Fitting the pieces together Burlington, VT
Feb 18 DotNetMiami 7 Reasons to Use EF7, 6 Reasons to Stay with EF6 Miami, FL area
Feb 20 South Florida Code Camp 7 Reasons to Use EF7, 6 Reasons to Stay with EF6

Aurelia & Node.js: Fitting the pieces together

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Mar 10 WROC# Entity Framework on OSX:
  Microsoft Data Access Gone Wild!
Wroclaw, Poland
Mar 28-31 QConSP Entity Framework on OSX:
   Microsoft Data Access Gone Wild!
[Workshop] Thinking in DDD:
  Improve your software without being a guru
Sao Paulo, Brazil
April 6-8 AATC2016
(Agile Alliance Tech Conf)
Introducing Your Team to Modern Software Practices Raleigh, NC
May 3-4 Techorama EF on OSX: Microsoft Data Access Gone Wild!
Introducing Your Team to Modern Software Practices
Mechelen, Belgium
July 4-6 DevTeach Aurelia & Node.js: Fitting the pieces together
(aka JavaScript Noob’s Look at an Aurelia Front End, Node Back End Web Site)

Entity Framework on OSX:
    Microsoft Data Access Gone Wild!

Montreal, Quebec

Setting my sites on Barcelona this fall for TechEd Europe 2014

imageThis will depend on getting a talk accepted, but I promise I will put my best foot forward! You may or may not know that I was supposed to give a talk at TEE 2013 in Madrid in June and follow that with a trip to Barcelona. But I had so many travel problems and after 5 hours at my airport on Monday, then trying again on Tuesday only to get stuck at O’Hare airport in Chicago with United Airlines saying they could not get me to Madrid until Thursday, I finally gave up and went home. So I’m determined to get to Barcelona this time!

Why I am Unlikely to Attend the Fall 2013 MVP Summit

I’ve been asked so many time if I’m going to the fall MVP Summit and then when I respond “no” or “probably not”, explaining why.

Here’s why.

I had already committed to two back-to-back conferences in late October/early November.

First I have to fly west across the country to Las Vegas for DevIntersection. Then I go home, pat the dog, and hop on a plane to fly to Sweden for OreDev.

So even though there would be a week in between, I just don’t want to then fly back across to the west coast for the summit. I’m not as eager to do all of this travelling anymore.

It’s sad missing all of the great opportunities and I’m guessing this will be a critical time for EF6/VS2013, though that should all be public information anyway. So as much awesomeness as the MVP Summit is, I think I’ll most likely not be attending.

If you need to see me, come visit in Vermont. If you prefer Las Vegas then DevIntersection & AngleBrackets will be awesome. And use LERMAN for a $50 discount code for those. Oredev is an amazing conference. Sweden in November is questionable :), but the conference is worth it.

Or if my voice is enough, there’s always my Pluralsight videos! 🙂


Speaking at DevIntersection: Fall 2013, Las Vegas (& a Discount Code!)

I’ll be speaking at DevIntersection this fall in Vegas. The conference is co-located with AngleBrackets.

This is the fall conference you want to attend with the best speakers in our industry (that’s not just .NET and SQL but Javascript galore!) including Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, Kimberly Tripp, John Papa, Dan Wahlin, Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell, Douglas Crockford, Michel Leroux Bustamante, Kathleen Dollard , Billy Hollis and on and on. I’m again, honored to be included.

You can get a $50 discount off of the registration using my last name (LERMAN) as a discount code. You’ll see that the speakers are all competing to get you to use their code. That’s because the speaker with the most registrations tied to their names gets a nice little reward and our conference organizers know how we *love* a good little competition! 🙂 So I jump into the fray with “ME! ME!” 🙂

Here are the talks I’ll be doing:

VS17: A Practical Look at Entity Framework in Domain Driven Architecture

Considering how your data will get persisted is not a concern with Domain Driven Design (DDD), but at some point you will have to persist your data somewhere, somehow. This session is for developers who use Entity Framework and want to know how some of the key DDD concepts such as aggregate roots, bounded contexts and value objects work out when it’s time to add in your data layer. We’ll talk about some of the struggles you may go through trying to change your perspective from data first to domain first from someone who has experienced this brain shift first hand.

VS15: Entity Framework 6 – Ninja Edition

Entity Framework 6, the first iteration of EF as an open-source project, is no longer just a pretty little unicorn. EF6 addresses many of the productivity issues that developers have requested to really make it shine as an ORM. While there are a number of new features that will be core to any EF development – such as async support, stored procedure support for code first, improved warm-up time – many of the new features are for developers who fall in the "ninja" category. In this session we’ll run through many of these features like the return of custom code first conventions, query interception and SQL logging, connection resiliency, transaction improvements and more.

VS18: Entity Framework in the Enterprise

Demoware is great for getting your head around a new topic but we’ve been seeing Entity Framework demoware for 5 years now. You’re probably not writing an application to manage your music collection or composing yet another Twitter client. You build big applications for your businesses and you need to know how to integrate Entity Framework in serious architectures. In this session, we’ll look at breaking up your models following the Domain Driven Design Bounded Context pattern, designing repositories and units of work that are relevant to EF DbContext and DbSets. You’ll also see how to build automated tests around code that involves Entity Framework, whether they be integration tests or strictly unit tests where Entity Framework seems to get in the way.