Why I am Unlikely to Attend the Fall 2013 MVP Summit

I’ve been asked so many time if I’m going to the fall MVP Summit and then when I respond “no” or “probably not”, explaining why.

Here’s why.

I had already committed to two back-to-back conferences in late October/early November.

First I have to fly west across the country to Las Vegas for DevIntersection. Then I go home, pat the dog, and hop on a plane to fly to Sweden for OreDev.

So even though there would be a week in between, I just don’t want to then fly back across to the west coast for the summit. I’m not as eager to do all of this travelling anymore.

It’s sad missing all of the great opportunities and I’m guessing this will be a critical time for EF6/VS2013, though that should all be public information anyway. So as much awesomeness as the MVP Summit is, I think I’ll most likely not be attending.

If you need to see me, come visit in Vermont. If you prefer Las Vegas then DevIntersection & AngleBrackets will be awesome. And use LERMAN for a $50 discount code for those. Oredev is an amazing conference. Sweden in November is questionable :), but the conference is worth it.

Or if my voice is enough, there’s always my Pluralsight videos! 🙂


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