Agile Entity Framework 4 talks at NotAtPDC Online today

Not at PDC? Well, yeah PDC is having some sessions streamed, like keynotes etc, but for the rest of us, there’s Two days of live presentations on lots of great topics.

Here’s a screenshot of the schedule so far (note that it is CENTRAL time). Go to the website to get speaker and session details.


The abstracts for my two talks are as follows:

Entity Framework v1 made Agile .NET developers very unhappy because it did not support Persistence Ignorance or the ability to create true POCO objects. But the next version has been created with a lot of input from ALT.NET and Domain Driven gurus. If you want to design a model and wire it up to your objects or forget the model completely and have EF infer all that it needs from your objects, you’re covered. Unit Testing? Repositories? You’re still covered.

Part 1: Understand how to create POCOs and how to integrate them into EF. This is what will be covered in Part 1.

Part 2: In this session you’ll see a solution that uses a repository and mocks to enable unit testing with your POCO entities.

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