An important post from Microsoft about Entity Framework

Mike Pizzo writes a post about Microsoft’s data access strategy that covers a few important things:

1) Announces that EF will not make it into the Orcas release but will ship “A few months after the shipment of Orcas, and within the first half of 2008”. This plan will allow them to give us more than what they would be able to give us in the initial Orcas release.
2) Addresses the LINQ to SQL vs. Entity Framework question, which has been asked quite a lot.


[A New DevLife post]

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One thought on “An important post from Microsoft about Entity Framework

  1. It’s better that Microsoft hold on the release of LINQ until they are sure it can compete with the more mature ORM’s such as NHibernate. I’ve been using NHibernate for the last few months and it’s great! I think to get a nice head start in dealing with objects that map directly to the database, one could start using the tools that are already available for now. Most .NET developers I know are so in love with stored procedures though it’s going to be interesting to watch the response to LINQ

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