Anders Hejlsberg and Me (or is that I?) on LINQ in Redmond Developer News

It’s not often that one sees their name right next to Anders‘ (especially considering that I’m a VB programmer :-)), but check out this LINQ article in the  current issue of Redmond Developer News. While the focus is Anders and this great technology he and others (and always with a nod to Alan Griver) are bringing to Visual Studio .NET, I was asked to give some developer perspective.

I’d also like to say that I wasn’t literally jumping up and down at PDC. 🙂

I know that I have had the same reaction when watching Scott Guthrie present on LINQ to SQL. I think I’m jumping up and down with joy, but truly my butt remained glued to the chair.

It was fun talking to Michael Schwarz about this, but I think I may have overwhelmed him with my geek technical perspective of LINQ from which he was trying to extract key points for dev managers. He seems to have done a great job.

Michael talked to another developer, VB guru Bill McCarthy who gave him a great analogy quoted at the end of the article.

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