Another tidbit from the forums.. what’s coming in the EDM Designer

Someone asked a common question in the forums today about being able to update an EDM when the datastore has changed.

Noam Ben-Ami, who is on the team working on the tools, says this:

We are hard at work on this feature right now and hopefully we’ll be able to get it into CTP2 of the designer.

Along with support for stored procedures, it is our highest priority.

So three things to get out of this:

  1. There will (or will probably be…) a CTP2 of the designer. That indicates to me they still have a lot of ideas that they want to implement and are still working out which is why that doesn’t say “Beta”.
  2. There is going to be one (or more?) ways to support db updates in the desiger. I am really curious if we’ll be able to add just “drop” new tables in without actually updating.
  3. Designer support for sprocs is coming. Noam and I talked about this a while back and he described what I thought was a great idea for implementing this. I’m looking to see how that idea evolves.

In the meantime, I wrote a blog post this morning about how to apply db updates using the current version of the designer.

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