Are you using Entity SQL? Do not miss Zlatko’s blog

Zlatko Michailov has been posting some awesome stuff on his blog.

There are two that I want to highlight.

The first is because it helps me answer a question I am often asked is explaining why Entity Framework is not an ORM and how it compares/contrasts to ORMs.

The second is announcing that his tool that will REAAAAALLY help with writing ENtity SQL is now on codeplex; it’s called eSqlBlast. Zlatko demo’d this in his DevTEach session in Vancouver. HE wrote it himself and it is something like Query Builder for SQL SErver, where you can write queries (with the help of intellisense) and test them out rather than writing and debugging directly in your project (where there could be many other problems in the way that have nothing to do with syntax). It’s a must have tool for writing EntitySQL as we work our way into gaining experience and being more comfortable with it.

I must say that Zlatko’s blog post about eSqlBlast is pretty humble – just a few sentences. It’s a hugely impressive tool and he deserves gobs of praise for it. Try it out and let him know what you think!

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