Astoria CTP Refresh for VS 2008 Beta 2 is out

Just a quick pointer to Pablo Castro’s announcement that a new CTP for Astoria is out that will work with vS2008 Beta2.

An important note, this is a refresh of the CTP, which is based on the early prototype. The actual production code that they are working on is a totally different set of bits. Hmm, for safetey’s sake, I better just quote Pablo:

NOTE: let me stress that this is a refresh of the May CTP, which is based on the initial prototype of Astoria. All of the features/design options we’re discussing here in this blog (e.g. last post about payload formats) are in the context of the production version of Astoria which we are in the process of building. The production version incorporates a ton of feedback that we received over the last few months plus our own more detailed thinking of what should the system look like. So expect to see quite a few differences between the CTP and the production code once we start shipping the production version. The principles will all be the same, but the details will vary.

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