Dare Obasanjo agrees that learning LINQ is hard

Roger Jennings pointed out this quote from Dare:

“…even though I’ve been using C# for the past five or six years, I feel like I have to relearn the language from scratch to fully understand or be able to take advantage the LINQ features.”

which lines up with my previous post talking about what it seems to take to learn LINQ well and comparing it to the 10 years I have spent absorbing TSQL.

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2 thoughts on “Dare Obasanjo agrees that learning LINQ is hard

  1. Hi Julie,We’re evaluating LINQ at my job and although it’s quite a bit to take in I certainly believe that learning LINQ is worth the trouble. Whenever I use LINQ I have to keep telling myself "This is NOT T-SQL!"And I still look up CONVERT and CAST too 🙂

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