Hard Core EF4 Full-Day Workshop, June 24th, Stockholm

 The date (Thursday, June 24th), the city (Stockholm) and the abstract are firm.

REGISTER HERE: http://www.dotnet4ever.se/ or directly at http://www.informator.se/utbildningar/seminarier/seminarier/hard-core-entity-framework-40.aspx

Now I have to wait for the person organizing this workshop on my behalf to provide registration details. This will be a public workshop.

I will update this blog post, write a new one and also tweet (twitter.com/julielerman) the details as soon as I have them. (They’re here now)

Hard Core EF4

Full Day of Advanced Entity Framework 4 Workshop with Julie Lerman

You’ve been working with Entity Framework 3.5 or maybe even Entity Framework 4, but are ready to take your EF4 code further. You’ve got nagging questions and wish you could just spend a day with an Entity Framework guru!

Now’s your chance! On June 24th Julie Lerman will be conducting a full day Advanced Entity Framework 4 workshop in Stockholm.

The day will focus on the benefits of EF4’s new POCO support.

You’ll learn the different ways that you can enable POCO support in Entity Framework

You’ll then see how to take advantage of the POCO support.

  • Customizing the code generation templates.
  • Using POCOS in WCF services without pulling your hair out to deal with change tracking
  • Building smarter architectures with repositories, Unit of Work
  • Unit testing with fake contexts and fake data without hitting the database.

½ day of demos + ½ day of Q&A with the pro= 
1 day of Hard Core Entity Framework 4.

REGISTER at http://www.dotnet4ever.se

or directly on informator’s website at:

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6 thoughts on “Hard Core EF4 Full-Day Workshop, June 24th, Stockholm

  1. Someone else is arranging it. I can only wait. Sorry. I will put the info here as soon as I know. It’s really happening. I jsut don’t know how much it will cost, how to register or where it will be held …except somewhere in STockholm.

  2. Patrik

    Send an email to me through the comments page with your email address and I will connect you directly to the person who handles the registration for the class.


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