Hey lookatdat! You can copy and paste scalar properties in the designer

I was getting ready to suggest this feature because it’s a pain to “move” properties if you are deriving types or doing entity splitting.

I actually use the method of going into the EDMX file and copying the properties around in there so that I don’t have to worry about the attributes and facets. Especially when I have a lot of properties to move.

Just out of curiosity I right clicked on an scalar property in the designer and saw Copy on the context menu, so I clicked it. Then tried pasting it into another entity and VOILA! Not just copy and paste; but cut, copy and paste

The funny part is that may have existed in the previous bits but I never noticed it before.

I can go shorten my book by a whole page now!

(I also want you to know that I was a good girl and removed “Holy Crap!” from the blog title and replace it with exclamation that is there now.)

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2 thoughts on “Hey lookatdat! You can copy and paste scalar properties in the designer

  1. It was also possible with last designer version. I use it when I want to do TPH with a condition "is not null" (so I need to add the property on the derived type). After this, I just need to make it not nullable.

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