I go away for a few days and look what I miss! EF Beta 3 was released!

After I left Seattle, rather than going home as I had planned I ended up going to my parent’s house (where I still am) to attend a funeral after which I was whisked up to Canastota NY where my mom was camped out with two pregnant dogs (Celeste and Bumper) near her fabulous vet (Village Vet in Canastota) waiting for the right time to do c-sections and bring the pups into the world. Celeste had 6 beautiful puppies yesterday and I drove them back to Binghamton and am now helping out with her pups as well as the 2 week old litter of 17. Mom and my sister are still in Canastota with Bumper and they will be doing (they = vet, not my mom & sister) doing her c-section today with an expectation of 10 or more puppies.

In the meantime, what did I miss?

We were sent the entire transcript of our conversation with Bill Gates earlier this week. Keith Peters is posting it (in sections) on his blog.

Entity Framework Beta3 and the CTP2 of the tools were released.  (Also, here’s a  list of breaking changes) I’ve only been waiting for this for months and I can’t even look at it right now because I am responsible for precious little lives.




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