IdeaBlade has implemented Entity Framework into their DevForce Framework

While many of us are still struggling to get our entity objects across tiers, keep change tracking in place, keep graphs together, DevForce seems to have figured it out.

They are now touting their new DEF (DevForce Entity Framework) which going into Beta 1 soon.

You can sign up for the beta and check out some of their resources here.

Me? I’ll still struggle. I want to  figure (and lavish the process of figuring) out how it works. Really, I don’t want to ski; I don’t want to hang out with my dogs or hubby; I certainly don’t EVER want to go on a vacation. Nope, no shortcuts for moi! 🙂

There’s more to tell, but I’m supposed to be prepping for my user group presentation that’s tonight.

What I’m happy about is that it’s that this can be done in a flexible, reusable way; even if it’s still a little (yes, I know that’s probably a bit of an understatement, as was that) hard right now.

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One thought on “IdeaBlade has implemented Entity Framework into their DevForce Framework

  1. I don’t know Julie – I know you’ve struggled through all of this forever, but it seems like this is more of the same stuff I struggled with in LINQ to SQL and it just seems like such a waste.An entity framework/OR/M is supposed to make life easier not more difficult. In a lot of ways things are more difficult this way. With L2S at least there’s an immediate ease of use benefit if you can make it work with the data you’re tasked with. With the entity framework not even that benefit seems to apply as you got quirky query syntax(es) to have to deal with.I seriously think that third parties will do a better job than Microsoft will. Too many strikes against by now!

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