Just recorded DotNetRocks about Entity Framework

Earlier today I recorded a DotNetRocks show with Carl and Richard where  I got to go on and on and on about Entity Framework for a whole hour (which flew by in what felt like 10 minutes). Richard’s heavy DBA background made for some really interesting questions.

One issue that really stands out is that a lot of dbas are aware of EF and LINQ to SQL and the fact that they do dynamic query generation. Many of them ,however, do not know that EF and LINQ to SQL can also be wired up to use stored procedures for DML and straight queries as well as views. Because of this, I have even been witness to SQL experts telling DBAs not to let their developers use EF or LINQ to SQL. Pablo Castro had a long talk with Greg Low who is a SQL guru (and MVP and RD and a reallllly nice guy and a very involved community leader that I originally met through INETA many years ago) and asked a lot of these questions on a recent podcast on SQL Down Under.

Clearly the message needs to be spread!

(Unlike the interesting and untrue LINQ to SQL rumor that was spreading this morning.)

The DotNetRocks show will “air” on Feb 26th.

Carl and I also talked about doing a series of EF “sessions” for dnrTV.

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