Ken Cox explores EF4’s Pluralization Service with a WCF Service

When I have done “what’s new in EF4” talks at user groups and conferences, I like to show off the new pluralization support in the EDM Wizard. I also like to have a little fun showing some cases where it doesn’t do so well. For example, it correctly singularized Breweries to Brewery, but uses the same rule on Movies, turning it to Movy.

The wizard uses a runtime feature referred to as the Pluralization Service which you can code against yourself.

Ken Cox recently built a WCF Service that uses the pluralization service to provide his own cloud plurlization service. And then ran a bunch of words against it. This is a lot easier than testing it in the designer! Here’s his blog post about the service: EF 4’s PluralizationService Class: A Singularly Impossible Plurality

A warning, though. Do not try to say the title of his blog post out loud or you may not be able to untwist your tongue until EF5 is released!

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One thought on “Ken Cox explores EF4’s Pluralization Service with a WCF Service

  1. if it comes to “what’s new in EF4” pluralization is always mentioned first.

    That says a lot about EF4.

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