Links for keeping an eye on database providers’ Entity Framework status

I’ve been snooping around the web and found links for many of the db vendors (and 3rd party vendors) to try to watch their own news about what they are doing for Entity Framework.

Here’s Dave Sceppa’s list of companies working on EF providers and interleaved with his list are my best stabs at a blog or page on their website to watch:

Providers Targeting Publicly Available Versions Within Three Months of RTM

·         Core Lab – Providing connectivity to Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases

Core Lab does not seem to have a blog but here is their News page

·         IBM – Providing connectivity to both IBM DB2 data server and Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) databases

Took some digging, but here’s the guy responsible for letting non-IBM developers use IBM’s databases: Grant Hutchinson’s blog.

·         MySQL AB – Providing connectivity to MySQL databases

MySQL is opensource. The best resource I think to watch is Planet MySQL, which is an aggregated feed of various MySQL bloggers.

·         Npgsql – Providing connectivity to PostgreSQL database versions 7.3+ and 8.x

Npgsql stands for .NET Provider for PostgreSQL. Opensource. Here’s the project page for the .NET projects. Also, they were very excited about their Entity Framework provider getting in the news!

·         OpenLink Software – Providing connectivity to Oracle, Informix, Ingres, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Progress and Microsoft SQL Server databases, and any data source accessible via OpenLink ODBC or JDBC bridge drivers

OpenLink doesn’t seem to have a blog either. Here is their launch page for info on ADO.NET providers that they write.

·         Phoenix Software International – Providing connectivity to SQLite databases

hmmmm??? I found Phoenix Software International, but nothing seemingly related here…

·         Sybase – Providing connectivity to SQL Anywhere databases

Here’s the SQLAnywhere launch page

·         VistaDB Software – Providing connectivity to VistaDB databases

VistaDB blog

* – The providers in the list above are also working towards publicly available versions of their providers to work with Beta 3 of the Entity Framework.

Providers Targeting Publicly Available Versions in 2008

·         DataDirect Technologies – Providing connectivity to multiple data stores including Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2 via DataDirect Connect® for ADO.NET

None other than Jonathan Bruce! 🙂

·         Firebird – Providing connectivity to Firebird databases

Firebird is open source. HEre is the Firebird Community News website.

And, missing from Dave’s list is Oracle.

I’m watching Christopher Shay’s blog for any news.

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