MIX preview: Consume Windows Live Services from Astoria Client Libraries

Andy Conrad shares with us another preview of what’s coming at MIX08.

Windows Live Services will now have AtomPub payloads. These will match the ADO.NET Data Services payload format and therefore you will be able to use the various client libraries for ADO.NET Data Services (.NET, ASP.NET AJAX nad Silverlight .NET) to consume the Windows Live Services.

Sure makes it handy when things align like this.

Early on in the Astoria life cycle, they were talking about having a common format with WIndows Live, but at that time it was variation on POX (plain old xml) they were calling Web3S.

Then they bagged that and settled on ATOM and JSON.

Earlier this month, Pablo Castro wrote about AtomPub support “From our (Microsoft) perspective, you could imagine a world where our own consumer and infrastructure services in Windows Live could speak AtomPub with the same idioms as Astoria services”.

So here is that world.

See more at MIX!

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