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Being the lazy gal that I am, I tend to put this info on twitter which is just a passing note, to be forgotten within a day. So I thought I’d collect some of this recent content in one place.

Recent Interviews

Pluralsight does these short interviewes whenever we publish a new course. So this one is for the 3+ hr course I published in September.

This was a fun interview recorded live when I visited the Dot Net Rocks Road Trip in Atlanta on Oct 22.

This is a regular DotNetRocks interview recorded this summer.

Recent Articles

This article provides an overview of what’s new in EF5, from performance improvements to enum support and enhancements to the designer. I think the editors gave the article an unfortunate name.

Upcoming Articles

  • December MSDN Magazine: “Data Points: Pain-Free Data Access in JavaScript—Yes, JavaScript”
  • January 2013 MSDN Magazine: “Data Points: Shrink EF Models with DDD Bounded Contexts”

Recent Videos

Covers implementing Domain Driven Design Bounded Contexts with EF, Repositories & Unit of Work and Automated Testing. The video requires a Pluralsight subscription.

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One thought on “Recent Interviews & Articles & Videos

  1. I wish you had also shown how to work with Windows Azure and Entity framework. As there is no package manager console to run update-database and aamigrations how to deploy ?

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